Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Kitschen" Giveaway at ZootSuitMama!

ZootSuitMama is hosting a terrific giveaway and all you have to do to enter is show her your kitchen. Just post photos of your kitchen on your blog and let ZootSuitMama know about it here. Now, go get your camera and take some snapshots. Let's see those "kitschens!"

Speaking of which....

Here are the highlights of my kitchen. When we moved in the walls were a lemon yellow that I'm not fond of, so at some point in time I plan to paint them a jadeite or celadon green (it goes so well with red accents).

I love this picture - it's so me when I'm in the kitchen ;)

Many years ago, this breakfront traveled in the back of our small pickup truck all the way from St. Johnsbury, Vermont to northeastern Pennsylvania. Even though we barely had room for our luggage once we got it in there (the truck had a cap on it), I'm still glad we bought the breakfront! Since it has red trim, I keep it in my kitchen :)

These are my favorite and most often used cookbooks. They make up about 1/4 of my cookbook collection. I'd say about 95% are vintage cookbooks.

I have a pair of these red plastic wall pockets, which I thought had been lost when we moved to our house nearly five years ago. I was a bit despondent over the fact that my beloved wall pockets had gone missing. The darnedest thing happened though. While preparing for a big family dinner about 2 years ago, I pulled out a huge plastic pitcher that I hadn't used since we moved in. When I took off the lid, what did I find but my red plastic wall pockets! I laughed, I cried, it was better than "Cats" ;)

What do you do when you have too many vintage potholders to ever use them all? Hang 'em on the wall. Incidentally, the apron with the doggy on it is one of my favorites, so it gets to be permanently on display ;)

Bakelite handles, cherry decals, owl cookie jar... some of my favorite things!

"Holders three, for you from me"

Cherries and owls again - I love the labels on these crates!

One of my two most favorite things in my kitchen. I've had this clock so many years that I can't remember the delightful story that used to go along with it - lol!

And the second of my two most favorite kitchen things - a 1950s refrigerator painted red by my dad and my husband. See more about my red refrigerator here.

Okay, your turn! And tell ZootSuitMama that Miss CherryBubbles sent you!


Atomic Mama said...

i adore your fridge and i love the pot holders on the wall. thats such a cute idea!

Mick said...

Love your kitchen! LOVE your fridge, Mines a classic all painted up too ;)

Zootsuitmama said...

Your kitchen is so cute and cozy! It's so hard to decide, I may just have to reward ALL the bloggers who entered! ZootSuit Mama

Miss Emmi said...

I love your owl cookie jar! I know if I do not restrain myself I will end up with hundreds of owl ornaments scattered around my house, but I just can't help it! They're so cute!

I'd love a soft, lemon coloured kitchen, actually! All my cookware and crockery are a kind of avocado green that would go really nicely with it.

SusieQT said...

Love the red fridge! I feel a Practice in Time post coming on about my red fridge- a 1940 Hotpoint....;)

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh my, that fridge is SOOOO GORGEOUS!!! I am very 'red' with envy..... ;)

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Thanks everyone! I hope to find a fabulous stove someday too :)