Friday, September 18, 2009

Coiffure! Okay, it's really just a 'do...

A long time ago, I faced the fact that I'm not very good at styling my hair. And unfortunately, the ladies of yesteryear had rather high-maintenance hairstyles. Put these two together and what do you get? Well, let's just stay I won't be gaily singing "I Feel Pretty".

Today, I tried a simple pony-tail & roll 'do and was surprised that it came out kinda cute. The roll adds a great deal to the basic pony-tail look and it worked well as a casual, yet fun look.

This is one of the reasons why I am grateful for the technology of 2009. I am able to view vintage hair tutorial videos, locate and purchase terrific books about retro hairstyling, and find hair products like setting lotion and snoods. So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you...

I recently came across LisaFremontStreet on youtube. She does terrific retro hair and makeup tutorials, as well as product reviews. The tutorials go along step-by-step and feature great music, too. And don't miss her Pinup Series and Starlet series.

Elegantlyamused also has fabulous vintage-style hair and makeup tutorials/tips on Youtube. In fact, it was the video below that inspired me to try something different with my pony-tail style today.

I have a few favorite hairstyle books, but have found the ones by Stephanie Strowbridge of the newly-opened Moxie Beauty and Hair Salon most helpful. She has written a book on women's sets and styles, as well as one on men's vintage hairstyles.

Now, I don't know about you, but I sure do like a good snood. And thank goodness for ArtheliasAttic on Etsy because it may be awhile until I make my own! There you'll find hand-crocheted snoods made from a 1942 pattern in your choice of colors.

Hope you find my vintage hairdo favorites as fun and helpful as I have!

Happy Hairstyling :)

**Please note that you can pause the music at the bottom of this page in order to enjoy the videos I've included**

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They say it's bad luck.... open an umbrella in the house.

But this vintage paper parasol has such a lovely pattern, it would be a shame to leave it closed.

I was offered this awe-inspiring parasol by a friend who couldn't think of anyone else who might be interested in it. And, of course, I was thrilled to accept this gorgeous piece of vintage memorabilia.

From the background information my friend gave me, it's likely from the 1920s. As soon as I opened it up, I could picture a flapper in a canoe being serenaded by a handsome ukulele player whilst shading her creamy complexion from the damaging sun.

Now here's the odd thing about being offered the parasol at this particular time. Just last week, I discovered that my 30-year-old souvenir lacquered paper parasol from Toronto's Chinatown had become stuck to itself. It was a lost cause. I was unable to un-stick it without significant destruction. Needless to say, I was sad that it couldn't be saved... Then on Sunday, an email arrived from my friend wondering if I could find a use for a vintage paper parasol!

My dearest and I had originally planned to use my Chinatown parasol as decor in the living room. The one pictured above actually fits in better with the tiki/tropical/oriental decor in my living room and the colors are perfect. Now to find just the right spot that will display it to the greatest advantage...