Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Stroll Through My Garden...

It's summer, my dear friends, and time to enjoy what nature has to offer!

What better way to do so than to take a stroll through my garden. You won't find organized rows or flower beds here, and many of my plants have had a way of springing up where I least expect them. But, oh the joy of seeing a frenzy of beautiful blossoms and fruit everywhere you look!

I've been working on adding old-timey plants to my garden, the most recent of which is Hollyhocks. I started with one, and now that it's in bloom, is it ever pretty! This one's on my list to add more of next spring.

Last year, I finally got the Hydrangea bush I'd wanted for so long. It was originally blue, but came out pink this year, so I need to add some aluminum sulfate to make it blue again.

Here are more flowers scattered about the place....

Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)

Geranium (almost done for this year)

Fairy Rose (these are actually very small roses)

Sunflower (with bee)



I've also got Bee Balm and Brown-Eyed Susans, which will bloom shortly.

Moving along to the edibles now...
Three years ago, my dearest and I started a hedge using Dwarf Ground Cherry bushes. These produce a tart cherry that's quite tasty. Now, you just knew I would have cherries in my garden, didn't you?

Now here's an old-timey one added last year: Gooseberry. Its berry can be eaten either green or when it becomes a ripe burgundy color, and the flavor is a bit like a combination of grape and apple. I found recipes in my vintage cookbooks for Gooseberry Jam and Gooseberry Pie. If only I can pick enough berries before the wildlife eats them all, I might try the recipes!

A few more edibles....

Tomato (my first try at growing them!)

Black Raspberries (these are spreading like wildfire)


Last, but not least... The Pumpkin & Gourd Patch

Add the Thyme, Basil, and four types of Mint I'm growing in containers and I think I might need to do some canning and drying!

"A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul." -- Sadi