Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day...

Here's to all the swell dads and granddads who've been a part of our lives and made living them that much more wonderful!

Little Miss CherryBubbles and her very own swell Dad

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home on the Range... and Blond Furniture Revisited

I'm thrilled to pieces and just had to share that my Grandma Elverna's Frigidaire stove is coming to my house!

My grandmother's stove in her pink and red kitchen.

I can't wait to cook with the range that my grandmother used to make me real hot cocoa when I was a child... and that she cooked so many wonderful family dinners with. I also have one of her aprons... I'm sensing a photo op in my future.

This stove has a deep well on the range top and it has TWO ovens. Oh Miss Frigidaire, the soup and cookies we will make, you and I!

Just for fun, here is another view of my Grandma Elverna's kitchen, showing the cute little shelves above the sink...

Grandma Elverna and Grandpa Bud in the mid-1940s with their two boys... the little guy on the left is my Dad. :)

Now, as I recall, I promised to let you know when the Heywood Wakefield furniture from Grandpa Bud and Grandma Elverna's house would go to auction. The furniture will be sold on July 12 in a special auction of higher end antiques at Travers Auctions in Dallas, PA. There's also an antique oak sewing cabinet & machine in this auction that my Grandpa Bud brought from his parents' house several years ago. It looks like the auctioneers have some really terrific items for this auction, so it might be worth the trip if you live in or near northeastern Pennsylvania.

So, who has a suggestion for a good first thing to make using my grandmother's stove?