Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fantastic Giveaway at TartDeco!

TartDeco is hosting a fantastic birthday giveaway for
a custom-designed hair accessory!

For a chance to win, head on over there right now and leave a comment describing the hair accessory of your dreams. You've only got until Tuesday to get your entry in. And, land sakes, don't forget to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Check out TartDeco on Etsy to see some of the lovely hair pieces for sale there.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bye Bye Blues...

I was feeling a little blue this morning... maybe because the day started out so grey and chilly. All the recent warm bright sunny days we've had here spoiled me a bit.

Well, sometimes I'm amazed at what small things will bring me out of a funk in two shakes. Remember the $5.00 box of old photos? It's been awhile since I've taken the box off the shelf, so I thought it might cheer me up to look through them again. After all, there are lots of swell people doing interesting things or just standing about looking nifty in their old-timey outfits - like these two from a previous post.

Then, a few photos down in one of the piles, I ran into this picture...

and I laughed right out loud.

That photo alone was enough to chase away the blues. But I kept on looking and found this adorable picture...

Don't they look like a fun couple?

Now, if only I had a pair of jodhpurs, I'd be as slap-happy as these two...

So, tell me, what little things help you say "Bye Bye Blues"?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Grandma's Shopping List, March 1936

When I look at vintage advertisements, I find it interesting that many of the products available today were also available to my grandmother. So, each month, I'll be sharing with you a few of the present-day products that our grandmothers and mothers might have added to their shopping lists...

1. Windex®
Sure, the ad says it's great for winter window cleaning, but, gee, what a help with the spring cleaning too! This product has been around since 1933, albeit with a different formula than in earlier years. And I had no idea that the same company also made Drano®.

2. Brillo®
Speaking of cleaning, Brillo® pads were patented in 1913, just as aluminum cookware was becoming popular. The coal-fired stoves in use at the time would blacken the aluminum pots and pans, but steel wool made cleaning cookware much easier. In the 1930s, soap was added to the pads. Just don't use it on your non-stick coated pans of today ;)

3. Arm & Hammer® Baking Soda

It's not just for baking! Even in 1936, alternate uses for baking soda were suggested. Arm & Hammer®, as a brand, has been around since the 186os, so perhaps my great-great-grandmother included it on her shopping list.

*Advertisements included in today's post are from the March 1936 issue of Ladies Home Journal.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Right By Her Apron Strings... A Swell Giveaway!

Do you love aprons? How about vintage-inspired aprons made with fun retro fabrics and recycled vintage linens? Well, then, head on over to The Apron Goddesses blog where you can enter a terrific giveaway sponsored by Retro Revival! In order to enter, you'll have to choose your favorite Retro Revival apron.... and, just so you're forewarned, there are so many swell aprons, it won't be easy to pick just one ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coming Soon, or, My Land! I Have Sew Many Patterns!

I've been busily working away at transforming my Vintage Selling Stash Room (yes, it has consumed an entire room!) into a full-fledged Sewing and Handicraft Room. Let me just say that the process is taking longer than I want it to, but I'm trying to stay true to my vision of a comfortable, well-lit, reasonably organized, spacious work area. Okay, so that could take years ;)

Anyway, whilst shoveling (well, it felt like shoveling) out the scads of things in the VSSR, I struck oil, er, I mean the motherlode... of sewing patterns. There are so many that I've decided to un-hiatus my Etsy shop, just to get these terrific patterns to new homes where they'll be loved. So, if you love vintage sewing patterns, keep an eye out on CherryBubblesVintage on Etsy.

Here are a few pics to whet your appetite...

If you see something that catches your fancy, drop me an email. I'll be glad to get it listed sooner.

May your bobbins always be full!
~ Author Unknown

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Belated Thank You and A Bit of Blog Love...

The two gals mentioned in today's post are truly the bee's knees! Both of them are fun vintage enthusiasts with equally fun blogs full of interesting and thoughtful posts. Please visit them... knock three times, and whisper low, that you were sent by Joe, er, I mean, Miss CherryBubbles ;)

Just before I began my February giveaway madness, I was fortunate to win a giveaway hosted by the fabulous Inky of Shrinky Inky's Fine Adventures. Thank you bunches and bunches, Inky!!

I love everything in this lovely vintage romance prize package
, but my favorite is the gorgeous flower barrette handmade by Inky, herself! What a lot of work and creativity must have gone into the making of this beautiful barrette! And here's a neat coincidence - I have a sweater with flowers that almost perfectly match the color of the flower on the barrette.

If you're not familiar with Inky's terrific blog, go visit! I'm sure she'd love to meet you :)

Speaking of giveaways and vintage-y blogs... the lovely Emily at Livin' Vintage is hosting a fantastic giveaway of a 1940s pattern history book and a 1940s dress pattern. If you love sewing from vintage patterns, collecting vintage patterns, or just 1940s fashion in general, this sounds like a great book to have. And isn't that dress pattern simply lovely!

Go, enter, and you just might win! While you're there, do have a look around Emily's swell blog!

Thank you for dropping by - it's always nice to see you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baking a "Sandwich Loaf" with King Arthur...

Well, now that all the excitement of "Giveaway February" is finally waning, I thought I'd share a quick bread recipe I recently tried for Sandwich Loaf.

The recipe is from the vintage King Arthur Flour® cookbook, "Easy Home Baking." I could find no copyright year on this one. There is an excerpt from Consumers' Guide "Bread Facts," dated 1937 on page 5, but the woman on the delightfully bright red cover sure has 1950s eyebrows.

I must admit that I've been a King Arthur Flour® fan for many years, so I was thrilled to find this vintage cookbook. And after all, it's New England's oldest flour company - founded 1790.

The Sandwich Loaf is a tasty quick bread containing whole wheat flour, honey, and chopped nuts. It's not overly sweet, with the nuts adding a bit of extra flavor and texture. I used chopped walnuts in the loaf I made, but next time, I'll probably use pecans. Incidentally, Sandwich Loaf makes excellent French Toast...

Here's the recipe:

When you have a few moments, wander around the King Arthur Flour® Baker's Catalog. They offer all sorts of interesting baking ingredients and new-fangled gadgets (if you are so inclined), as well as items for special dietary needs (gluten-free, sugar-free, Kosher, etc.).

And do try this recipe! King Arthur sure bakes a mean Sandwich Loaf ;)

Edited to add: How could I forget to mention that King Arthur Flour® also has a blog with great recipes?!

**Please note - I am not in any way affiliated with King Arthur Flour® - I'm just a fan recommending a company whose products I like and use.**

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