Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Kitchen Dream Realized...and a Butter Garage too!

I'm not sure how long ago I decided that my kitchen would someday sport a Red Vintage Refrigerator. Suffice it to say that this dream was realized in 2006. Here's what happened...

A friend of my father had a white 1955 GE refrigerator that had belonged to his mother. He was no longer using it and wanted to get it out of his basement. My dad recalled that I had once mentioned I'd love to have a vintage refrigerator that was red. Well, he saw a golden opportunity here and before you could say "Jack Robinson", the white fridge was on it's way to becoming my dream red fridge.

Father and hubby agreed that a nice red auto paint would do the trick, so my beloved headed to the auto paint store. He chose a lovely Ford red for my GE refrigerator. They proceeded to primer and paint it in my dad's garage after dealing with some minor rust issues and removing the insides. Two weeks later the red refrigerator took its place in my kitchen. Truly a dream come true.

The fridge, while on the verge of modern refrigerator style, is old-timey enough to be recognized by the average person as vintage. And it has some really terrific features, my favorite being the Butter "Garage" with temperature control. If you use real butter, you know that it can be hard to spread when stored in the cold refrigerator. Well, the temperature control on this butter compartment allows the butter to be preserved at a spreadable consistency. Why, it's a marvel of modern innovation that's almost 60 years old!

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