Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On this day four years ago...

...we eloped in Vermont!

The bride wore a 1940s black cocktail dress with red bakelite accents, cherry necklace and bracelet, retro style ghillie-tie black shoes, black chiffon hair ornament, Cherries in the Snow lipstick (Revlon), and discreet fishnet stockings with back seams. The groom wore a late 1950s/early 1960s deep blue suit with a maroon shirt and handkerchief, a 1940s/1950s tie, and vintage wing tip shoes.

The White Rocks Inn had a terrific "Elopement Package" which included everything from bringing in the justice-of-the-peace to cake and champagne to photos. Perhaps the most appealing part of the package (for us) was a chance to ride to dinner in a lovely restaurant in... a 1939 Cadillac Limousine
. A somewhat chilly ride that was worth every second... and after all, it was February in Vermont. The inn was lovely - our room was furnished with a king-sized sleigh bed, had its own bath, and its own old-timey gas fireplace. The rest of the inn was furnished with antiques and antique-style furnishings. The barn where the Cadillac is kept was marvel of vintage architecture. Here's a link to their website - there are quite a few photos of the inn, barn, cottages, and grounds: White Rocks Inn, Wallingford, Vermont

Since we were in Vermont for several days, we had a chance to head over to The Vermont Country Store, purveyors of the practical and hard-to-find. I think the most fun we had there was looking at all the "penny candy" and trying to decide how many Swedish Fish to buy! By the way, The Vermont Country Store is a great place to find vintage-style items, as well as things that went out of production many years ago, but are now being made again for the store.

We had such a wonderful time and truly surprised everyone when we returned home as a married couple. The only people who knew what we were up to were the jeweler we bought our rings from and the innkeepers. After 20 years together, we decided it was time to make it official. And, thank providence, none of the family had a heart attack when we told them after the fact. Hopefully, we'll be able to celebrate an anniversary at White Rocks Inn someday - 'cause it would be fun to return and reminisce.

Well, so long until next time!


StacieB said...

I love these picture!!!!! You two are one fine looking couple!!! I remember Gram calling me and asking me "Guess who got married?"...:-)

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Were we the last ones you guessed? LOL

Beverly Anesi Rodriguez said...

I <3 your story!
<3 Happy Anniversary! <3