Monday, January 18, 2010

Sophisticated Cats...

I've had this nifty set of three kitty cat plaques for 10 years:

They were my Grandma Elverna's, and I'm thrilled that they made their way to my wall. My Grandma Elverna and Grandpa Bud built their house in the mid-1950s, in a brand new housing development near a small city. They furnished their house with "blonde" Heywood Wakefield. They liked modern things...

A couple months ago, I bought several vintage catalogs from an antique shop not far from my home. Mostly Sears Roebuck, but one was a Montgomery Ward catalog from 1963. Imagine my surprise when my dearest, while perusing our latest acquisitions, came across this:

There on page 1112 of the Fall/Winter 1963 Montgomery Ward catalog were my Grandma Elverna's kitty cats!

According to the description, these are "Sophisticated Cats" (obviously!) which will "enhance the modern decor
" (but, of course). Well now, I'm sure you can see why my grandmother wanted them.

Occasionally, I come across one of my own vintage dresses in old catalogs, but, somehow, this discovery meant a lot more to me. I can just imagine my Grandma Elverna browsing through the Montgomery Ward catalog, delightedly coming across the cats, and deciding that they were worth the $8.99 price tag. She would have filled out and mailed the order form in the back of the an envelope... with a stamp... and, most likely, actual cash enclosed. Things have changed, haven't they?


Kim@ The Girl Can't Help It said...

I love finding "my stuff" in old magazines- makes it seem all the more magical somehow. I loooove your cats and that they've been kept in the family!

Lizzie said...

I just love it when this happens. The only thing I love more than vintage fashion is a good vintage catalog!