Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Light is good...

...from whatever lamp it shines. ~Author Unknown

What with the days getting longer and Spring just around the corner, I thought I'd talk about light. Well, lamps in particular. Vintage lamps, more specifically. And I have some to show you.

Our lamp tour will begin in The Lodge Room. Here is one of the first old-timey lamps dear hubby and I ever acquired. It had no shade when it came to live with us, so we looked everywhere we went to find one that looked right. Seems to me that there were 2 or 3 before this lovely glass globe was settled upon. Isn't she lovely?

This is one of my favorites - it features a winter picture on one side of the shade and a spring/summer picture on the other. And I love the driftwood base. Soon it will be time to turn the shade away from winter....

Now here's one that I acquired at an estate auction. I was undecided about bidding on it at first, but then realized I had to have it. The base is conical and black with gold spatters. The fun swirly-patterned shade needed re-threading on top and bottom, which I did myself. I'll admit to using non-vintage cord, but it matched and worked well.

Moving into our tropical/oriental decorated living room, you'll see this terrific shell lamp. It came from my husband's grandparent's house and we suspect that it was acquired on their 1930 honeymoon in Miami. We don't have this one plugged in - need to replace the cord first. But it's still a perfect addition to the decor.

Here's another of my favorites! So mid-century and tropical and leaf-y! This one had no shade when we purchased it either. The current shade is vintage and probably around the same era, but is temporary. I'm still looking for just the right shade to complement this wonderful lamp.

Yet another heirloom lamp from the dear hubby's grandparents. A swell mid-century TV lamp! And another favorite of mine (okay, so they're all my favorite). Unfortunately, the little man lost his foot in a friendly tussle with Mr. Lucky (aka The Dog). He said he didn't mean to do it, but chalkware is alot of crunchy fun. We still love the, and the dog... anyway!

Our final stop is the dining room. This is our "bar lamp". It's actually a marriage of a cone shaped lamp and a glass ceiling light "shade". The inside of the cone lamp is gold, so it makes a very warm soft light. This one goes well with our shiny cocktail shakers and glassware.

Now that you've seen the light....

Here are a couple interesting vintage lamp-related websites to while away some time on. TV is a fun site devoted to everything about, you guessed it, TV lamps. And the Collectors Weekly site has a nice section on all types of vintage and antique lamps.

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StacieB said...

A couple of those lamps...they were from Grandma Ryder? I just can't picture those things there.

Awesome lamps!!!!!!!!!! You two have the most neat things!