Thursday, June 3, 2010

1940s Goodies Giveaway at This Homemade Life!

My pal, Kristen, over at This Homemade Life is offering a fun 40s giveaway... and it's a giveaway within a giveaway. The main package is shown in the pic above - and isn't it darling?! The top secret bonus prize is, well, top secret, but Kristen provides a little teaser in her post. Now, Miss CherryBubbles wants you to head right on over and get your entry in... the drawing is next week!

And while you're there, check out This Homemade Life... Kristen is peachy keen and posts lots of interesting things :)

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Kristen said...

You're such a sweetie - for real! Thank you so much for posting such nice things about me! :')