Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All That Glitters Is Not Gold...

Sometimes it's Silver Gleam Icicles!

Just this past Monday, I stopped into a nearby multi-dealer antique shop to buy some vanilla beans (oddly enough, there's a booth with spices, herbs, etc.). While there, I decided to have a look about the place, being unable to resist the lure of antiques. As I approached a booth near the front, a silver gleam caught my eye... There before me on a 1950s formica table were, not one, not two, not even four, but SIX BOXES of vintage tinsel! I couldn't believe my eyes. Vintage tinsel, the real thing, was not something I ever expected to find other than online. I bought four of the six boxes (yes, I know, why not buy them all??).

The metal used in this tinsel is not indicated on the box, so I'm not sure if it's silver, lead, tin, aluminum, or a mixture of metals. I can tell you that it has weight, although my dearest doesn't believe it's heavy enough to be lead. Whatever the content, it drapes beautifully. The tinsel is also crimped for more surfaces that reflect the light. And thankfully, it's not affected by static, like the PVC tinsel of today.

Here's a close-up photo of how it looks on the tree. The golden teapot ornament is a family heirloom that was passed to my mother by my grandmother, and now to me.

And now, the tree, tinsel, lights, and ornaments in all their glory....

Wishing you a special silver gleam for your holiday, however you may celebrate!

Now, where'd I leave my cup of eggnog?


Emily said...

Your tree looks beautiful!! Merry Christmas!!


Kristen said...

That's one gorgeous tree - love your vintage icicles. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, too! :)

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Emily and Kristen - Thank you! :) Hope you both enjoy a lovely holiday!

Caryn said...

Oh, it is beautiful, and looks just like the trees when we were little! My favorite ornaments used to be the fragile coated glass balls that glowed in the dark. They had little flowers painted on them--do you know the kind I mean?
Thanks for sharing :)
Merry Christmas to you and the mister, and to all your loved ones!

Lizzie said...

There is nothing like vintage tinsel; it has the most beautiful drape and glimmer.

It is most likely lead, so if you have pets or small children around, be careful to keep it off the floor!